Egil’s Travel Log

Travelling Asia, one country at a time

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About this site - How to read

Hi -and welcome to I'm Egil Meihack, and this is basicly my travelsite and blog for my 4 months travel in Asia in 2006-2007 ( in 13 different countries ++ ). Now then I have been home a little while, and I want to make it to a online album and "diary" about my travel, - as well as my future travels, - where- and whenever all these will take place... :-) Hopefully there will be a few to come... Later I also want to put in some more information about the places I've been, and lots of different traveladvices and other interesting things for those of you might thinking of going to some of the places I write about...

I've tried to part the interesting parts in a prefeerable manner on my meny to the top right, andas a first look I recommend TravelStories (under Stories) and Gallery the most, - as well as my setup/linkscollections sorted by traveldate, or by country.

My main reason to plan for this trip was my ever-repeating dream to travel for a long time.. and many times I postpone the idea, thinking I had no time, or that I had not enought money.... so finally I decided that enought was enought, and startet planning for real... I wrote some more about it and some time-pressed preparations in my first two posts: no 1: Initial Log and no 2: soon running out of time...... And the I was finally on the move... first stop North Korea ( my first travelletter: The North Korean experience ). My plans was to write all stories while travelling, but after 7-8 weeks I startet to get trouble keeping up the writingpace, at the same time as I increased my travelspeed... so as of May I still have not written half the travelstories I planned to.. I hope to do so this summer.... - and before I go on my next vacation...

I plan to take anouther trip to Asia this late summer/start of autum, more spesific to China. I have still not decided my detailed plan, but I will move more slowly in general this time :-) Also I would like to visit more places in Asia, and elsewhere in the world in general, but as of May, 2007 my mind is set on China... then I'll have to see where else I go in future...

There might also be som new or old stories from different places in europe as well, as I might write about shorter travels during this time as well... we'll see...

thanks for using your time,... now . . . go ahead and have a look around on my site... and enjoy... and by all means, please contact me with suggestions, comments and feed-back


I just did a recalibration of my menu of, - witch I hope will be for the better, - so here is a very short explination of the "new" menu-lines:

About this site: its this very document you are currently reading... a short explination about this site, and som explaining of the menu/links.

All Stories: Explaining how I choose to part my stories in 3 different categories

TravelStories: My travelstories weekly, or by country nicely put together as a full story
PhotoStories: My story behind/around a photo, - trying to decribe the moment at the time
TopicStories: Taking time to decribe a topic, or to compare different experiences

Country Overview: Collection of links to my stories and photos (and later other external links) about each country.

Gallery: The overview of my photoes, sortet in a gallery, mostly by country (or by topic) + some videos.

TheTravels by date
: Overview of my stories and photos, sorted by dates, so you can read and see your way throught my travel, - bit by bit... place by place.

Egil Viking
: My travel was done in the late part of the season, and missing the last matches of the leauge was not easy, - but I did what I could to keep Viking in my mind, and make the Viking name known in Asia...

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: Sitemap - links to all my articles/posts

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